Chef for Hire

Did your best friend just get engaged and leave you under a mountain of Maid of Honor responsibilities?
I’ll help you stitch together the most beautiful bridal shower brunch!
Homemade Kits
Is your new beau on his way over for dinner and you don’t know the difference between your primavera and your puttenesca?
I’ll leave with your apron strings tied and an irresistible sauce!
Personal Chef
Craving a homecooked meal but don’t even have time for the drive thru?
I pack a lunch just like mom used to make!
Private Cooking Classes
Chicken Again?
Let me spice up your Tuesday night supper!
Kitchen Organization
Cabinets A’Clutter but nothing to cook?
I’ll set your spices straight!
Culinary Themed Gifts
Need a special gift for the foodie in your life?
I’ll tie it with a bow!
Special Orders
Need Cupcakes for Kindergarten, Craving Osso Bucco, or don't know what to do with the 10,000 lemons that are about to fall of your tree?
Call Me!