Lavender - Earl Grey Panna Cotta with Blueberry Compote

Thisis where I should be yammering on about Valentine’s Day and giving you tons of linksto delicious dishes to dazzle your darling, sweet heart shaped treats to wrapup and leave with tiny folded notes on doorsteps and desktops. I should giveyou instructions for a irresistible dessert to share with someone you love.Everything should be pink and I should be showering you with sonnets, heartsand love songs. There should probably be a tiny chubby baby with arrowssomewhere in the mix.

Well…It’s not happnening. I am not about Valentine’s Day this year.

** I made you this irresistible dessert, not because it is Valentine's Day (that is just happy coincidence) but because I love you. Honest. AND you don't have to share it!!

Lavender – Earl Grey Panna Cotta withBlueberry Compote 

PannaCotta Ingredients
2Cups Heavy Cream
1 CupHalf/Half
1/3Cup Sugar
2 TBWater
2 TBDried Lavender
2 TBLoose Earl Grey Tea Leaves
1Envelope of Gelatin

BlueberryCompote Ingredients
1 PintBlueberries
(Blackberriesare yummy too, or a combination of the two)
2 TBSugar
¼ CupWater

BlueberryCompote Instructions
Combineall the ingredients in a sauce pan and simmer over high heat until the berriesstart to pop and rich syrupy sauce has formed around them. Mash them a littlewith the back of your fork. A squeeze of lemon helps to brighten the flavor ifyou have a half handy, add it now. Remove from the heat and allow to cool andthicken before serving.

PannaCotta Instructions
Sprinklethe envelope of gelatin over the water in a small, shallow dish and set aside.Combine the cream, sugar and half/half in a small pot and bring to a boil. Onceboiling remove from heat and add in the lavender and tea leaves, allowing tosteep for about 3 minutes and then strain. (You can most definitely snip open afew tea bags and use the leaves inside). Mix in the gelatin. Divide into 5ramekins, cool to room temperature, cover and chill overnight in the refrigerator.

Onceyou are ready to serve, dip each ramekin in hot water and then run a knifealong the inside edge and invert to remove. This will prove to be the mosttesting part of the recipe. Do not fret my love, if it looks lumpy and bumpyjust spoon on a little extra compote. They won’t remember what it looked likeonly its delicately lovely taste.

Thisdessert would be perfect on a picnic or to bring your friend when you go tovisit her in the hospital. It is light, fragrant and will no doubt sparkconversations – just like tea time.

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