Hangover Juice - 2013 Reboot

We are starting over today
We are quitting cigarettes
We are losing weight
We are calling our mothers
We are saving money
We are drinking lots of water with lemon
We are organizing
We are playing bingo
We are finding the world’s most perfect backless dresses
We are finding our balance
We are eating more veggies and less cake
We are sending people notes
We are changing, for real this time
We are staring gratitude journals
We are not sweating the small stuff
We are calling instead of facebooking
We are making new friends
We are spreading the love
We are making investments in everyday things
We are visiting far away places
We are swimming in the ocean in gorgeous suits
We are treading lightly
We are not taking things personal
We are starting with this juice…

Hangover Juice
makes 2 servings (or one really big one if you really need it) 

3 Persian Cucumbers 
1/2 of a Pineapple
1 Inch of Fresh Ginger
1 Handful of Mint Leaves
8 ounces of Coconut Water with Pulp

Run all these delicous things through your (or your mom's) handy juicer. Serve over ice and with a giant straw. Don't think about serious things until at least tomorrow.      

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