White Cheddar & Thyme Waffles with Quick Blackberry Jam

Apparently I was somewhat of a tyrant as a child.

My sister and I grew up nearly on the same block as my cousins and all my memories are inundated with rugrats. Since I am the oldest, I was and always will be in charge of their safety, happiness and wellbeing - that may or may not have gone to my little head. They have pointed out to me that my memories sometime stray from reality. What I remembered as sweet strolls to the park, in the Napa Valley sunshine, quiet humming while picking fresh blackberries to add to our picnic under the shade of a tree and lots of laughing. They explain as a torturous march, miles, little hands and legs carefully maneuvering through brambles, to pick me (a yelling and relentless slave-driving devil) buckets and buckets of berries. What did I do with all these supposed berries I made them pick? How could they say such things! I am not capable of acting in such a manner… I was always a little lady.

I do have a tattered image of my sister in my mind, I am not sure which side of the story it supports, but I bring it forward as evidence. A dark riot of curls on top of her head, tangled with blackberry branches, she is dusty brown, from the sun and the dirt in the park. Her tiny hand is carefully handing me a few plump berries, there is a deep red liquid running down her arm, at first I can’t tell if she is hurt or if it is juice. 

Déjà vu.

Christina (My little sister) and her prince Lorenzo (of Ham Scone Fame) came to visit me this past weekend. You shouldn’t be surprised that we ate too much. Including these wafflewiches as a SuperFancy send off, until we’re together again. 

White Cheddar & Thyme Waffles with Quick Blackberry Jam
Jam Ingredients
Makes 1 ½ Cups
2 Cups Blackberries
1 Lemons Juice
¼ Cup Water
½ Cup Sugar
1 TS Gelatin
Waffle Ingredients
Makes 3 Waffles
2 Cups Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Waffle Mix
2 Eggs
2 TB Vegetable Oil
3 TB Fresh Thyme Leaves
1 ½ Cup Shredded White Aged Cheddar
1 TS Salt

Optional Wafflewich Fillings: Fried Bacon and Eggs Over Easy.

Jam Directions
Place the Blackberries, Juice, Water and Sugar in a sauce pan over high heat and bring to a boil. Mash the berries with the back of a fork or some other useful tool like a potato masher. It will turn a beautiful color. Remove from heat and mix in the gelatin. Transfer the jam into the container you wish to store it in and allow to set and cool. You can also serve immediately; it will be loose, but still delicious.

Waffle Directions
I love this waffle mix. It’s packed with good for you grains; ten of them to be exact which gives these waffles a nuttier, chewier consistency than you might be used to. Bob’s Red Mill also makes ton of hard to find grain and nut flours and gluten free products. I am a huge fan. I used it as directed on the side of the package, adding eggs and a little oil. I wanted to make a savory waffle, so I added shredded aged white cheddar, fresh lemon thyme and a pinch of salt. Spoon the mixture into your waffle iron, I use a campfire one directly on my oven burner, it works well and begs a flip after about two and a half minutes. Crispy on the outside creamy on the inside and perfectly Golden Brown. 

Slather on some blackberry jam and slices of fried bacon. Give to someone you love to gobble up. 

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