Sriracha Popcorn from Heaven

Sometimes, you get home from the gym late. You have been lugging three pairs of shoes, two complete outfits, a travel mug, miscellaneous purse items and a small collection of mason jars that previous held your snacks, all day long. You lost your boss' notes from yesterdays meeting and broke your thumb nail way down past the white part. The metro was single tracking and you broke the strap on your yoga mat when you were trying to squeeze by on the left side of the escalator. Your keys won’t fit in the door and when you finally do get upstairs to your apartment, the thought of roasting and mashing cauliflower and shredding nutty parmesan or slicing and sautéing zucchini to munch over brown rice with a soy ginger sauce enrages you.
If you have to cook yourself dinner… you are going to throw your head back and let out a primal roar that would not only make your neighbor's daughter immediately burst into tears, but would also create a cosmic wind tunnel, ripping everything off of your walls and leaving a pile of rubble in the middle of the place with a few bricks missing by the window. Then not only would you have to cook, but you will have to clean/reconstruct your home too. 

Don't worry, it's weird, but the same thing happens to me!
You’re HANGRY. (HAN·GRY adj. – extreme irritability and frustration due to lack of food.)

You need to call your friend.
You need to make popcorn and top it with Sirachia Butter.
Just. Now, do it.

1 Stick Unsalted Butter
4 TB Sriracha
2 Ts Soy Sauce
1 Clove Garlic Minced
2 Ts Rice Wine Vinegar
1 TB Cilantro, Minced

Melt Butter. Whisk in other ingredients until smooth.
Pop that popcorn. I make mine on the stovetop with a tiny dot of coconut oil and a tight fitting lid. You could also make delicious popcorn with an air popper.
Microwaves are only for emergency popcorn.
Once all the kernels are popped, salt and toss with a few table spoons of that heavenly buttery concoction.
Cover the rest of the Sriracha Butter and refrigerate for next time.
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