Guava Granita with Jasmine and Rose

Guava Granita with Jasmine and Rose
Yes. I said it. Granita and I can hear you thinking over there…
“What the?? Rhiana, really, get over yourself – it’s a slushie and you know it. Stop being such a snob!”
Sicilian style shaved ice. That thing you’ve been yearning for and didn’t even know it. You know… I used to worry about being labeled a snob. When you can call Napa Valley, America’s Eden, your home town, it is easy to be seen as pretentious. We don’t have the Mondavi’s over for dinner because we’re stuck up, they bring good wine, duh. When you have lots of random knowledge you’ll be taken as nerdy. I know the difference between seltzer and soda, and which one I like better but, you’ll love me when you need help deciphering that menu later.  “Are you sure I’ll like gourgeres?” Yes, my love. Yes.
You already love me, don’t you?
True bliss is when you can enjoy the things you love and not worry about what other people think about you.  Whether it is chicken out of a drum grill at a gas station, chocolate dipped soft serve in the sticks, a single plot – ground per serving, $8 Ethiopian espresso or a fruity, chilly dessert that has not one but two kinds of flowers in it. PLUS, I don’t know if have been paying attention, but 2012 is almost over, and nerdy is the new cool. I mean, who doesn’t want to grow up to be just like Steve Jobs or Alton Brown?  
Granita might be the same concept as a slushie, but it has flowers in it, so it’s fancy - damn it. Say it with me, “Granita”.
You can serve it as a light dessert, perfect while sitting on the stoop enjoying an almost fall day. You can make it with lots of flavors depending which type of juices and teas you use. I think the jasmine green tea alone would be an awesome way to cleanse palate in between the courses of a fancy meal.
1 ½ Cups Guava Puree (Can and should be bought frozen)
1 Cup Brewed and Chilled Jasmine Green Tea
1 Splash Rose Water
Brew and Steep Jasmine Green Tea in one cup of hot water. Allow to chill before mixing in with the guava puree and splash of rose water.
Pour into a half baking sheet and smooth. Cover with plastic, or even better, a lid. Put in the freezer.
After 4 hours remove and scrape with a fork, breaking up the partially frozen mixture. Return to the freezer for another 4 hours.
Remove again and scrape with a fork, shaving the ice down to a grainy consistency, similar to coarse breadcrumb, except fruity, cold and delicious. Put a little in a small dish or a lot in a big dish. Share with someone you love.

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