Coffee and Brown Sugar Dry Rub

When coarse ground spices are massaged into meats, a beautiful thing happens. A coating is formed, which benefits quick, dry heat cooking like smoking, grilling or broiling. The coating will not only infuse said meat with foreign flavors, it will also aid it keeping it moist, and the sugar in this dry rub will peak carmelization, creating a glossy glaze.
I understand there is a heated debate on whether dry rub, or wet marinades are superior. I think that in the cases where you are cooking a tougher cut of meat, a marinade would be better because the acids will tenderize as well as flavor. Where tenderization is not needed, use a dry rub.
1 TB Ground Coffee
2 TS Brown Sugar
2 TS Cracked Pepper
1 TS Cinnamon
1 TS Salt
½ TS Chili
½ TS Rosemary 

Chop the rosemary very fine and mix all the spices together. Massage into meat before exposing it to heat. It only takes a few minutes to sink in. You could also double or triple this recipe and bottle it for gifts.

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