You know what would be fun, let’s make a list of all the things you know about me.

1. I really like garlic
2. I am fairly fancy
3. I have a big, crazy family  
4. I live in Washington DC but my heart is in San Francisco
5. I am not shy but can be a tad bossy at times

I am sure you know much more, but I am going to play on the safe side. I think I am ready to divulge another thing about me… I am ridiculously and uncontrollably nosey.

That's how I always know what you should be doing... because I know everything.

I love eavesdropping on strangers conversations, hearing little snippets like "what do you mean you're not on pintrest?!" or "well I told her she needed to wash it but she wore it anyway and now look what happened". THE BEST. I also can totally justify a long bus ride, because that means I will be up high and can look down into all the little cars and see the junk that is kept in there, and all the dangerous activities that drivers participate in, I mean... you're eating a bowl of soup, really? That can't be safe. GOLDEN. I also get overly excited when I find little notes randomly in the world and get to read someone's secret grocery list or to do's. AMAZING.

Yes, I know this is embarrassing and I know that you will probably never feel safe leaving me alone in your room again, but I am just being honest and rest assured that I don't want to do anything vile with this information I am hoarding, I just want to know it.

You're secrets are safe with me.

I also like to snack, and set up fancy little tables filled with teeny bowls of delicious things to mix and match in an endless combination of tasty bites. This is also great for having a friend over and asking all kinds of personal questions in between munches. They will be so excited by all the flavors and distracted by the dipping that you can find out some really good stuff about them!

1 Jalapeno
1 Cup Olive Oil
½ Cup Parsley
½ Cup Cilantro
½ Cup Mint
2 TS Fresh Ginger
Salt and Pepper

Cut a small piece of fresh ginger and pulse in a food processor
Next add hunks of jalapeno.

Pulse in the leaves of the herbs.

Drizzle in the olive oil and keep pulsing into your get a runny pesto like consistency.

Charmoula is a Moroccan spread, dip or drizzle that compliments grilled fish very well. It also brightens up a few slices of grilled flatbread topped with avocado and arugula. Can be mixed through rice with crumbled feta or smeared on a grilled chicken panini. It will keep in a tightly closed container for about four days in the fridge.

Open a bottle of bubbly, and have a feast with your bestie. Make this, this, this and this. See... BOSSY.
How do you like these photos?? I am using my SUPERFancy new camera here. :)

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