Celebrate: National S'mores Day

Today is a very special day over at SuperFancyChef Headquarters, today is National S’mores Day!!
You might be thinking to yourself, damn, thereis a holiday for everything! I mean National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, Hug a TreeDay, who gets to decide what gets a national holiday anyway. You know what myanswer is to that?

Uuummmmm… WHO CARES!! You get to eat tons of delicious s’mores!!!

I am pretty sure there is a group of smart girlsthat get together daily and decide things like nail polish color names, randomnational holidays, and the google homepage images. They have the best job.
You know what to do, get your hands on somemarshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and SMOOSH.
Here are some super fancy additions if you wantto upgrade your s’mores.

Happy Roasting!!
Peanut Butter
Sliced Granny Smith Apple
Chocolate Marshmallows
Fresh Mint Leaves
Blackberry Jelly
Caramel filled Chocolates
Chocolate Marshmallows
Ruffles with Ridges
Strawberry Marshmallows

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