Super Fancy Eggplant Sandwiches

WANTED: Single Lebanese Female seeks fire pit, preferably on a rooftop or close to be body of water. Must be available nights and weekends and be perfect for roasting marshmallows.

Since the beginning of summer I have been dreaming of s'mores. I can hear them.
Disrobing crispy graham crackers from crinkly foil wrappers. Whispers from marshmallows slowly melting and giving way to sweet, sweet carmelization. Embers crackling and popping in the fire. That delicious smoosh, when you press the warm marshmallow into an anticipating chocolatey melty graham cracker. Then my favorite sound of them all, deafening crunches while chewing, face upturned and eyes closed. SO good.

This story might remind you of a time you were camping and bring back lots of happy memories surrounding the excursion. While I did go camping a few times as a child, in some of the world’s most beautiful places none the less, it is a past time I have not come to appreciate. Let's be honest here, I am not good at it. I like to take showers and have a weird phobia in regards to getting stuff under my nails, I don't own the right clothes for camping, I need lots of clean water to drink and weird bugs are strangely attracted to me...I would fail at survivor. It’s embarrassing, but I have come to accept that I am not going to be good at everything, I mean, no I can't bait a fishing lure, but I can fricassee the hell out of whatever you catch. I don't like sleeping on the ground, but if we snuggle it will probably be worth it and I don't know which one is the North Star, but I will talk to you about astrology while we bumble through the woods trying to find our way back. I won't even be mad about it. (I think my phone has a compass on it, just sayin)
I am sure you would be surprised to hear that the only things I like about camping, have to do with campfire food. (and maybe those fishing vests with all the pockets in them, they’re kind of hot, right?)

Eggplant sandwiches are not campfire food. BUT they do kinda look like s'mores and until I find the right fire pit I'll be eating these on my inner city stoop.
Slice eggplant into rounds that are 1/2 an inch thick. Dunk in a beaten egg and then into the breadcrumbs.

Fry in olive oil until crispy golden brown.
Top with sliced tomatoes, basil, goat cheese, arugula and yellow peppers. If you add some toom, I won't be mad at you.

Feel free to improv with these delicious little babies, pesto, mozzarella, avocados - let your imagination run wild.... feeling a bit risqué? Maybe some bacon?? Pretend I didn’t just say that…

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  1. love the concept. i just made cannelloni using fried eggplant and a deconstructed eggplant pizza last night.