Soixante Quinze -- French 75

Sometimes life gives us arguments. We say things that we don’t mean and hurt people we love. It sucks.

You know that disappointing feeling that weighs heavy in your stomach when you walk away from a conversation and you know you should have said something differently than you did and you spend the next six hours replaying the conversation over and over again in your head, the only difference being that you didn’t say something completely stupid (or nothing at all) you said only brilliant things. We need a name for this feeling in English. They have it in French: L’esprit de escalier. It directly translates to “the spirit of the staircase”. Such a good phrase.

Another useful French phrase, for when life gives you lemons, is Soixtante Quinze. That directly translates into “seventy five” and indirectly translates to Gin, Champagne, Sugar and a Lemon twist. You thought I was talking about the quick firing field artillery gun didn’t you… ummm…I’m not. But this fancy little cocktail was named after that 1920’s French cannon, and the glitterati of the early 30s would sip these at the stork club in New York.  

If I had a signature drink. It would most likely be the French 75... I might change my mind tomorrow though, don’t be mad.  My friend Adam has a signature drink. He calls it the Sneaky Adam. I call it a Roofitini.
You should garnish a French 75 with a lemon curl. To make a lemon curl you slice a fresh and scrubbed lemon thinly and then cut the pulp from the peel leaving very little pith. Twist the rind around your finger and hold for a second. It should keep its shape after you slide it off. Keep the lemon curls in an ice bath to keep it curly.

You know, I just thought of another phenomenon that needs a name. So let’s say your girlfriend is being bratty and you elbow nudge her and say in a joking manner “well you just think you get everything you want, don’t you?” and smile lightheartedly. You really want to strangle her, but you’re making it sound like a joke, when you're actually serious. Why?! So wrong. But everyone does it…. It needs a name.  

SuperFancy Mixology:
Pour 2oz of Gin and 1oz of lemon juice over ice and shake in a cocktail shaker. Drop a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne glass and pour the strained gin/lemon juice in. Top with chilled champagne and garnish with a lemon curl.

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