Super Secret Real Life Falafel

My favorites are here…

My aunt and my cousin from Wild Rice Salad and Pumpkin Soup fame.

I have to make this quick, because dinner is almost ready - they are teaching me their secrets to the world’s most perfect falafel. I am sorry but, it is a matter of national security that I do not share my auntie’s secret spice blend. If you send me a message I may or may not be able to be coerced. Cookies help.

This recipe is more for the technique.

Soak ½ pound each of dried fava and dried garbanzo beans overnight, changing the water at least twice. Blend in your food processor (my bachelorette size one took 15 loads) alternate a few handfuls of parsley and cilantro and chopped onion into the processor as well. This helps grind everything finely because of the moisture from the herbs.

Mix in secret spices and toss everything with your hands until thoroughly combined.

Shape falafels with your hands into little pucks, about as thick as your pinky and as big around as a slice of an orange. Make sure that the sides do not taper off; this will ensure more even cooking.  Firmly squeeze them while you are shaping them to prevent them from falling apart while frying.

Slice up all the garnish for your falafel. My must haves are tomatoes, cabbage and spicy Lebanese pickles. Green onion, radish, fried eggplant, French fries, lettuce, pitted olives, pickled turnips, pepperoncini, mint, cucumbers, hot sauce and of course tahini dressing.

Tahini dressing is easy, blend a few tablespoons of tahini with lemon juice salt and splashes of cold water until it is your preferred consistency.

Heat some vegetable oil on medium, almost high heat.  Place falafels in the oil, they should immediately sizzle and start to cook, flip them a couple times until they are completely golden brown.

Stuff immediately into some warm Arabic bread and cover with delicious veggies.
**It would be fun to prepare all this ahead of time and throw a party and with topping bar, then fry up the falafel with everyone there and let them make their own sandwiches or salads. Next weekend?? Anyone? Yuuuummmm FALAFEL PARTY!

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