Filet with Red Wine Reduction

It’s almost summer, everyone is graduating and people are wearing shorts. It's popsicle and watermelon season and its time to start grilling… more. There is a three day weekend coming up.  I'll have to wear a bath suit soon. I don’t want to think about it, they don’t really make good suits to show off my gourmand physique. Hmmmm...
Aaaannnnddd. My birthday is around the corner (!!!!!)
My uncle has this joke, he has been saying it his whole life – everyone will have just eaten three or four delicious plates of home-cooked dinner (that’s just how the Moussas roll) and my uncle will say “ so how do you like your steak?!” and then bust out laughing. Apparently it never gets old.  He has lots of those.
So… Steak...how do you like it?
Rare. Well. Medium.Well... Black and Blue? I feel like I am ordering with a barista – “can I get mine coddled??”.
When you are grilling steaks, the less you do the better. But I consider this the minimum:
1.       Cover the cut with Olive Oil, Chopped Garlic, Salt and Pepper. Thyme too if you dig it.
2 .      Let the meat come to about room temperature
3.       Grill and Flip only once
4.       Let the meat rest for at least five minutes before you cut into it

I have this little trick to teach you. You have to promise you won’t tell anyone though, ok? Promise?
In restaurants they tell when to stop cooking meats by the internal temperature - you may have seen one of those fancy meat thermometers around the stores at thanksgiving time for people to use on turkeys. Cookbooks will usually give you an estimate of minutes per side to leave the meat on heat. But I have found the most fool proof way to tell how “well” a steak is cooked is by touching it. Yup, just poke it, with your finger right there in the middle.
When a steak is well done it will feel like the bridge of your nose, firm but still gives a little.
Medium will feel like your chin, half squishy. Unless you have a chin as pointy as my sisters who used to torture me by jamming her chin into the back of my shoulders when we were growing up, your steak should never feel like that.
Rare will feel like your cheek, soft and pillowy with lots of give.
You can poke the steak with your right hand and the part of your face that you want it to feel like with your left all at the same time, see if they match, just don’t let anyone see you. They’ll think you’re a crazy person. Then they'll want some of your steak.
So, my secret is out – Well = Nose, Medium = Chin, Rare = Cheek. Got it?

How long should that take? About three minutes on each side for rare, add one minute for each size for medium, and two more for well.
I like to serve mine with buttery little roasted potatoes and red wine reduction.

To make Red Wine Reduction: Add 1 Cup of Red Wine in to a small skillet and keep on low heat until it has cooked down into a syrupy ¼ of a cup. Drizzle on the steak after plating and serve to someone you love.  

No that's not me and Steve Jobs -  Its my Uncle Elias, the one with the jokes!


  1. But my chin feels like my nose and I like medium! Help!

    Xoxo little sister

  2. Your sister gets her chin from her Mom, it's our secret weapon!

    Xoxo, Mom