Cherry Mocha Pops

The last bell for the school day rings and my girlfriends and I rush out with our bags. Through the high school gates in our blue plaid skirts. The ice cream man rips around the residential corners and pulls up out front. I get a fudgesicle, a rocket pop and…wait… are those press on nails?? The joke for the rest of the summer was “ OOoooOOOhh gguuuurrl. Look at those nails – where’d you get em done” whoever was addressed then responded with an “ice cream truck” in an on point bon qui qui impersonation. Record screeches. 2012. Some things never change; I’m still sitting on the steps with a Popsicle waiting for someone to pick me up. (Not like this though)

No matter how many epicurean delights I fill them with, like small batch San Francisco based Ritual roasted coffee, super dark chocolate and perfectly ripe dark Bing cherries. I still feel like an around the way girl.
It’s almost June, why haven’t you invested in some Popsicle molds! I have these and highly recommend them.

Brew some of your favorite coffee and set a cup of it aside to cool.
Pit the cherries and then blend them in your food processor until they are a hot mess, you can leave them a little chunky if you want to have cherry bits in your pops. Add the coffee and the half and half and pulse until combined. Melt the chocolate or chop finely and add to the rest.

Spoon into your popsicle molds - leave a little room for it to expand while freezing. Mine took approximately four hours to freeze. It might have taken a little less if I hadn’t kept opening the freezer door to check them, but hey, what can I say, it’s hot and the heat makes me do crazy things.
Nothing pairs better with these high class pops then some front porch or back stoop and short shorts and baby hair pumpin.

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  1. TONIGHT. I need this with almond Champagne from TJ's. You, me, stoop, sweets and that guy over there...."Hey girl...."