Black and Blue Pie

It can’t decide if it is going to rain. It’s hot and sticky and the thought of washing another dish makes me want to slit my wrists. I am giving up and making a galette. It’s the lazy girl’s pie - free form, imperfect and artsy. It medicine for this type of afternoon, where nothing is really accomplished and you just need to do something from start to finish. Besides folding cranes. This is nothing that some Blue Cheese, Blackberries and Raw Honey can't cure.

Pie Crust
1 ¼ Cup Flour
½ Cup Cold Butter
¼ Cup Super Cold Water
Pinch of Salt

Combine flour and salt. Cut in butter until it looks sandy add the water little by little until you can form the mixture into a ball. Refrigerate for at least four hours, but you probably want to make it the day before.

In preparation for days like today, whenever I make a pie crust, I always make double and then freeze half. In case of emergency… pie emergency.

Today’s Filling
1 Cup Blackberries
½ Cup Blue Cheese
2 TB Raw Honey
1 TB Lemon Thyme

Bees!! You’re genius! Thank you for inventing honey; raw honey is white and smooth and creamy, has the same sweet honey flavor but much more sophisticated. It’s also amazing to mix with a little baking soda and cooked oatmeal and then rub all over your face; leave for a few minutes and rinse for dewy gorgeous cover girl skin. Just sayin.

Wash your blackberries really well and then mix them with the blue cheese and thyme.

Roll out the pie crust dough then place on a greased baking sheet. Spread the raw honey onto the dough. Pile on the blackberry mixture and then crimp the edges of the galette up, laying each crimp over the previous one.

You can make one big one, or two little one and substitute the blue cheese for goat cheese so that your bratty neighbor/bestie doesn’t feel left out.

Bake in a 350° oven for about twenty-two minutes.  Let cool and then top with fresh whipped cream and a little more honey.

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