Super Fancy Lunch: Cous Cous Salad with Grapes and Walnuts

How do you lunch?

Ham and cheese hold the pickle? Burger and fries? Salad - dressing on the side? Are you extremely social - gossiping the entire time? Hit up the lunch trucks? Run errands? Does your wife pack up leftovers for you? Do you take in a beautiful view? Go for a walk? Power lunch? Work up a sweat at gym? Sandwiches all day - everyday? Lean Cuisine? Do you have a filing cabinet full of soups and oatmeal packets? Sit on cement steps? Order in? Call your mother? Only yogurt? Are you one of those that just likes to consume obscene amounts of coffee and sporadic bites of candy from vending machines throughout the day? You know that’s bad for you right?!

Sorry, I know that’s a lot of questions… but I really want to know!!!
Leave me a comment, what are you having for lunch today?
Me… I pack a mean lunch.

I usually spend my evenings putting together something tasty for my lunch the next day. I look forward to unwrapping it, hopefully while getting a little sun in the nearby park. On a chilly day, I have found myself in the office lunch room; I sit ankles crossed with my grape leaves or wild rice salad at a table of suits discussing their boats and flash back to the Moussaka scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I still feel like a more successful human when I bring my lunch with me to work. I know it is good for me. Besides the fact that a home cooked meal and/or snack is probably better for you; its way easier on your wallet too. This little dish costs about two dollars per serving and you will smile way more than if you spent nine dollars on Tasty Kabob.

I know you have heard this before, so I won't preach. Just think about it, that’s all I’m asking. You could bring lunch to work or school every day for a week and save enough to buy this fancy lunchbox. Or this one. Or this one.

Working in a real office, I have learned lots of new terms. My favorite is when someone says they will be “dining al desco”. Have you heard of this!? It is a much less breezy, glamorous and/or romantic version of al fresco, mostly because you are sitting at your desk and probably still working and doing very little actual eating.
I think it is important to have an escape in the middle of the day and enjoy yourself. Restart. Reboot. A bit of beautiful and delicious amidst the spreadsheets and the teleconferences.

You deserve it.

This is one of my favorite lunches. It is light and sweet and crunchy. It only has a few ingredients and I suggest you take it Al fresco.

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  1. it's a combo for me.
    oatmeal and hot chocolate stash - check
    really old Lean Cuisine linger in the freezer - check
    cans of beans - check
    can of salted almonds on shelf - check
    sometimes left overs
    sometimes (%50) I just wait until dinner

  2. Most days I leave the office and head home for lunch. Today I made a fish sandwich with avocado, tortilla chips and pickles on the side. Yesterday it was Taco Tuesday at a local restaurant, and tomorrow I will be dining al desco on some leftover lentil soup and crackers. I usually end up taking a lot longer lunch break than I am supposed to but I too feel it's necessary to recharge myself for a afternoon of more office work. For those afternoon when I need an extra charge, a good up of tea is always on hand in my snack cabinet.