Butterscotch Bourbon Sticky Buns

I have a tiny confession to make.

I am obsessed with words. I keep lists of words that I like, some of them for their meaning and some just because of the way they sound. Sometimes when I am on the metro somewhere under the city and have no connection I pull up the list on my phone and I read the words. They make me smile. Persnickety. Grudge. Patina. Such good words! I may or may not interrupt you when you are speaking to me to say that some profound word you just used was heart stopping and then proceed to type it into the list. Its crazytown, I know. I guess the purpose of my list was to eventually convince myself to use these words more often but I think I need to read them over and over again until they are fully absorbed into my vernacular.
Now I’ve got you thinking, don’t I!? What are some words you love to say? You don’t need to have a reason why you like them, it just needs to feel right on your lips. You want to know which words feel right on my lips?

Festooned, Luster, Fetch, Tupelo and Butterscotch Bourbon Sticky Buns.
Butterscotch Bourbon Sticky Buns when served for breakfast demand respect. A moment of silence, a nap even. They’re serious and will get you into (or maybe out of) trouble. Finger-licking trouble. Ya, I know you just woke up, but take a nap anyway.

Print ME!

Warm the milk and mix in the yeast and sugar. Let set for a few minutes until the yeast blooms and turns frothy. Beat in the eggs. Mix in a bowl with flour and salt. Use your hands. Knead in butter. Keep kneading with your hands for about seven minutes, until dough is fully combined and slightly sticky.

Place the dough in a buttered dish and cover with a dish towel. Leave in a warm place to rise for two hours.

Punch down the dough and roll into a rectangular shape on a floured surface.

Fetch the Pecans. Toast the Pecans

Cream together butter and brown sugar, mix in an egg. Blend in cinnamon and nutmeg.

Spread filling on dough and festoon with pecans.

Roll and Slice.

Cream together butter and brown sugar. Mix in cinnamon, orange zest and salt. Add cream, bourbon and honey (preferably Tupelo).

Pour the topping into the bottom of a baking pan. Place the slices on top. Let rest for about twenty minutes.
*You can prepare these sticky buns the day before and place them in the fridge while you sleep. When you wake up, take them out of the fridge and let set for 30 minutes before baking.

Bake in a 350° oven for 50 minutes.  You might want to place a cookie sheet under the baking dish, because the sticky gooey delicious part of this recipe will start to bubble and would be really hard to clean off the inside of your oven.

Scoop each bun from the baking pan and then spoon some more of the topping on top. Watch it lazily drip down the sides like no ones business.  The pecans will glisten with lustrous beauty. Finish with fancy salt and serve immediately to someone you love.

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