Berfect Besto (Perfect Pesto)

----Breaking News ---
Everyone in my family has an accent. I am completely shocked. I mean, are you kidding me?!?!

“P” and “B” make different sounds? Who knew… this whole time whenever someone says bolice I know to put on my seatbelt, botatoes - easy, that’s what french fries are made out of. We could have coke, but Bepsi is almost the same right? Blease. Just stop. It’s also news to me that birthday does not have a “Z” in it. Birthday Party seems wrong. Birzzday Barty is right, that’s what I what to have... Birzzday Barties and stuff like that…
Not too long ago, there was a family dinner at the Moussa House, like always there was way too much food. Well, at least that is what we thought when we sat down. I hand my uncle a bowl of green stuff and he looks at me for an explanation – “pesto” I say. He then looks directly at my dad for translation. My dad in turn looks at me and says “how do you say pesto in Arabic?!” I throw my hands out, palms up and say “besto”. We all snicker and continue piling our plates until the food is gone. It’s a good kind of life.

So blease. Simple math for berfect besto. Combine and Blend in food brocessor.
3 Cups Basil + 1/2 Cup Pine Nuts + 2/3 Cup Parmesan + 3 Cloves Garlic + 2/3 Olive Oil + Salt and Pepper

Don’t be scared, you can exchange the pinenuts for any other tasty type. I brefer bistachios. You could also throw in some sundried tomatoes, Jalapenos, olives or artichoke hearts.  Blay with it. Get Creative. Share it with the people you love.

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  1. "now how would you like your steak prepared?"