I left my HEART in San Francisco


December is overflowing. December is stuffed with cookies and cakes and delicious things. December is full of bright lights, presents and tinsel. December gets special music, special decorations and special clothes. December also gets family, in my house that is ALWAYS a good thing.

December is flooded with so many amazing things, but my favorite is the feeling I get in December, it is one of reflection and remembrances and of hope for the New Year. Resolutions. In December I think I can do anything, and be anyone. It is a fresh start.

January holds a lot of new and exciting things for me. I am moving. The East Coast, to Washington DC. It snows there you know. Everyone wears suits and is very important. They’re all about navy blue and power moves. They’re about monuments and patriotism. They’re about democracy. They’re about grammar. I’m about brie, maroon tights and cookies for breakfast, I’m about sass, and I’m about international orange. I’m soooo about California and I am for sure… NOT about grammar. I’m nervous and excited and while I am sad, well, sad is not the right word, it’s bigger than sad, that I will be leaving my home, and my family and everything familiar, I am very excited to start a new volume in the novel of my life in January.

January... January will be new. Hella new.

I appreciate your patience while I find a new kitchen to whip up exciting things in, hopefully with big windows, a deep sink and lots of room at the table for when you come to visit. We’ll feast.

Here is a slideshow of places and things that inspire my culinary life, in my city, in San Francisco. While, this could not possibly capture the rapture I feel here, it is a small window, a little peak into why I am, and always be, in love with San Francisco. (you can watch it in full screen!! score!)


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