French Onion Soup

Life is hard. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions and face things that are very very scary.  It is hard to convenience yourself that everything will be okay while there is nothing but unanswered questions floating around in your head. I really wish I could help; unfortunately I don’t have the right answers either.
All I can tell you is what I do: I cry, like I mean it.
So when I realized that my life would soon be in boxes once again (mind you, at least half of them are filled with cookbooks) and I would be far away from the people I love and I would have to face a new and scary world all on my own. I threw myself on my bed and let it all go, I cried like I was three years old and scrapped my knee and was in my mommy’s lap. You know, the kind where your chest hurts and if you tried to talk you would have to take deep breathes in between each syllabul, yup like that.
It wasn’t ladylike, and wasn’t super fancy for sure. For that reason I like to have my tear fests alone, you know, to preserve my image…
Sometimes when you are really sad or scared or frustrated it might be hard to start a good cry, so here are some of my favorite ways to start the tears.
1.        Watch a really sappy and sad movie.
2.       Think about when your best friend moved away.
3.       Chop Onions.
4.      Get in the shower. For some reason the water really helps get it going.
5.       Pinch the inside of you elbow really hard.

These are not in order, chopping onions is definitely the best way to start crying because once you are done having a little fit of depression you can have French Onion Soup!  As you can imagine, I will be eating French Onion Soup for days now and I feel like Tita from Like Water for Chocolate crying into a pile of onions.  
Slice 3 big yellow onions and braise them in about 4 TB of butter, slow, covered and on low heat for about an hour. Stir and add fresh thyme, fresh cracked pepper and salt. Let braise for another hour. Now, if chopping onions didn’t get all the tears out, this is a good time to start a sad movie of your choice.  I recommend My Girl or Life is Beautiful. The Pursuit of Happyness always makes me cry too. Once I was running on the treadmill at the gym and it was on, and I got all choked up watching Will Smith clapping on the streets of the Financial District and tried to keep running and drink water and compose myself, and long story short, I failed and then fell off the treadmill. Yup, as if crying at the gym wasn’t embarrassing enough. I don’t go to that gym anymore.  
Now that these delicious little babies have been braising in butter for about two hours, add 3 cups of Beef Broth and let simmer with the top off for another half an hour. It’s a good thing you can’t go outside, not because your eyes are all puffy and your nose is red, because you’re cooking French Onion Soup and to do it right takes a long time.
Just before serving ladle soup into an oven proof bowl, top with a piece of crusty French bread and the thinnest slices of gruyere cheese to can manage to cut. Then place in the oven at 425° and broil under the cheese is brown and bubbly.
Dig in. It is okay if you have four or five bowls and then fall asleep watching (insert said cheesy movie here). Crying is exhausting.  

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