Lavender Fennel Salt

I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with Dean & Deluca. You probably don’t believe me and it’s partially my fault because I tend to exaggerate; and by “tend to exaggerate” I really mean “dramatically exaggerate everything I say”. If there are ten people in the coffee shop with me, I will tell you there are about 100 million, if someone is 35 and I think they look young I will say they are 12 and if I like something even a little bit I am obsessed with it. But on the level, I am obsessed with Dean & Deluca. I could spend hours in there, I want to name my frenchie Deluca when I get it and own tons of D &D swag. My little sister and her friends joke that I am going to have a Dean & Deluca themed wedding. I may or may not.

Unlike most girls who will waste money on fancy eye shadows or jewelry, I waste money on spices and tiny tins of mints and crazy flavored jams and jellies. There is a special shelf in Dean & Deluca that has flavored sugars and salts, infused oils and vinegars. This shelf also has a special place in my heart. These ingredients are an easy way to add subtle flavors to your favorite dishes. After some experimenting I have also noticed that people are very intrigued and impressed by them. It’s strange actually, if you make corn chowder and drizzle sage infused olive oil on top all of a sudden everyone oohs and ahhhs and a bowl costs twelve dollars, if it was regular olive oil it wouldn’t even be mentioned on the menu.

Getting to the point, you can make your own for less than half the price and still get the wide eyed gasps, when tell your guests what they will be eating for dinner. So next time you are in Dean & Deluca and contemplating whether or not it is okay to spend sixteen dollars on six ounces of Rose Geranium Sugar, you can think twice; once about cracking through Rose Geranium Crème Brulee and second about this recipe, then you will put it back on the shelf and know you can make it yourself.

For Lavender Fennel Salts you will simply need to mix these ingredients together. The longer you let them hang out, the more the flavors will blend into something even more delicious then if they were alone. I recommend using fresh lavender and thyme as long as you are planning to use the salts right away, otherwise use dried. I also recommend spooning each item in to a jar and then shaking it up for an even blend, you can also crush it all with a mortar; this will release the oils from the lavender and the fennel seeds and really juice up the flavor.

I have used my Lavender Fennel Salts on salmon is which especially yummy. The sweetness plays well against the fish and is perfectly complimented by some garlicky greens.
If you want to make this Salmon with Lavender Fennel Salts,after washing the fillet you dust it with the salts and the fry in a little oilskin side up so that the top can get crispy and delicious.

Another thought, It’s almost Christmas. Maybe not, but almost– almost Christmas. It is definitely time to start making Christmas presents if you roll like that. A little jar of these salts would be divine in a gift basket with other gourmet goodies; I am sure someone you know would love them. If you don’t like to make your gifts you can just go to Dean & Deluca on December 23rd and buy gourmet goodies for the chef in your life. Don’t give Lavender Fennel Salts to me though, I all ready have them. You can get me a juicer, a serrated edge knife or a Frenchie.

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