PanHandle Picnic

THE Tanya Coe

Mix well for a beautiful picnic.

The first you will need an absolute warm sunny day, not so common in San Francisco, especially by the park, which make us cherish them even more.

Next you need a giant pink blanket. Maybe the color is not important, but it should be big.

Fried Padron Peppers with blue cheese. These peppers are slightly spicy but extremely delicious. Fry them in a little olive oil and then dust them with some good coarse salt.

A summery salad might be made with chucks of sweet watermelon, peaches and cherry tomatoes. Dress with a teeny amount of basil vinaigrette and some chopped basil.
Blood Orange Italian Soda. Can’t go wrong.

Layer on goodness for this almost pizza like sandwich.
·         Hollow out the fluffy part of this sweet and crusty bread
·         A few swipes of Toom a super secret Lebanese garlic sauce
·         Crumbles of goat cheese
·         Roasted summer squash with herbs de Provence
·         Toast in the oven until melt-y
·         Top with ripe sliced avocado

Checking in with a good friend (above photo --see Tanya Coe) and hearing life changing good news. Talking about ships and teacups jumping off cliffs and bitterly describing the two week Mediterranean cruise your baby sister is going on. I'm not jealous or anything, no really, I know you can tell I'm not. Sealing coffee table deals and curry exchanges.
Perfectly cued scampering ragamuffin puppies

Leftover fig galette with goat cheese and thyme.
Lying on your back looking through the trees, seeing church steeples and multi hued Victorians.

Knowing everything is going to be ok.


  1. I LOVE the Tanya Coe (and the Rhiana Moussa)!! This looks so wonderful. I can't wait to be State side and participate in these activities.