Moroccan Herb Jam ~ La Conficture d’Herbs Marocaine

 Do not be scared, this is not your typical jam. I am not asking you to switch it up and exchange your strawberry for this on your PB&J. It’s a whole new thing… savory. You can use it as a dip, spread or side. It is a delicious way to sneak in your greens, I promise I won’t tell your mom.
One of my favorite ways to eat this is on top of toast with a fried egg.
You can also add some tangy plain Greek style yogurt to the Herb Jam and use it as a dip or to spread on bread. It would be easy to make it spicy too, just add some chopped jalapenos or another hot pepper. 
This is a smaller size portion, big enough for an appetizer for 3 or 4 people or a single girl’s supper.  But some delicious bread is a must! 

<----aren't you glad I typed it for you!!

4 Cloves Garlic
1 Tb. Cumin Seeds
Olive Oil
6 oz. Spinach
½ bunch each: Parsley and Cilantro
A handful of Celery Leaves
8-10 Black Olives
Paprika, Cinnamon, Salt and Pepper
½ Lemon juiced

Chop the garlic and saute with cumin seeds in a little olive oil over low heat.
yummmm spinach!

Meanwhile chop up your spinach and then add to the pan. Here you will need to add a little water to help your greens steam, make sure you only use a little so that it will evaporate during the cooking process. You can always add a little more if you did not put in enough, but you can’t take it out!
Chop the cilantro, parsley and celery leaves and then add them. You can find the celery leaves in the very middle of the stalk; they are a tiny bit sweet and very tender. It’s a shame most people throw them away.  
Let it simmer

Chop the olives and add them with the lemon juice, cinnamon, paprika, salt and pepper. Remember that the olives are salty too so you will not need that much salt.
This is where your house starts smelling really, really good. I know you’ll want to eat it, but don’t.
Let it simmer a few more minutes so that all the flavors can combine into a happy little family and then you can enjoy!

with yogurt

PS à This is part one of a series: Fancy Moroccan Appetizers. Look forward to the next two.
Once we do all three you can whip them up with some spiced wine, toss some pillows on the floor and have a Super Fancy Moroccan movie night, we’ll watch Casablanca!
Wait, you are inviting me to your Moroccan Party aren’t you?? Because that would be messed up if you didn’t. I’m just saying. 

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  1. Sounds fabulously fun!!! Casablanca +food+ blankets on the floor =best night !!!